Seton Portage, British Columbia



The portage was created about 10,000 years ago when a large landslide occurred dividing the then existing lake into two separate lakes. Alexander Anderson, a fur trader with the Hudson’s Bay Company was one of the first explorers through this area. He was looking to establish a travel route from Kamloops to Harrison and back up the Fraser. He was responsible for naming the two lakes. One he named after himself. The second he named after his cousin Major Seton, who was a troop commander of the 74th Highlanders.

In the midst of town is a park and restored caboose. Established March 29, 1972. The land comprising the park was donated to the people of Seton Portage by BC Rail. The historic site lies on an important route out of the lower mainland, used at the time of the Gold Rush and commemorates the first railway in the province. The three miles of railway was constructed in 1861 on wooden rails to facilitate the transport of goods and miners between the two lakes. In 1915 the line was completed to Lillooet and became a bustle of activity.

But hey, it’s not all just history.

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Seton Portage is nestled between Anderson Lake and Seton Lake which provides for exceptional climate, ecology, and landscapes.

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